Premier League matchday 14 predictions

There are some big games this week, namely Man City vs. Arsenal and Aston Villa and Man. U.

With Aston Villa just beating Arsenal it seems that they might have enough momentum built to beet Man u, even though winger, Cristiano Ronaldo is in peak form right now having scored 8 goals in the 9 premier league games he’s played in ( he was injured earlier).

Arsenal seem to be in a slump right now, but man city are not doing to well either themselves being in 12th place.

MY predictions:

Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle

Liverpool 2-1 Fulham

Man City 1-3 Arsenal

MIddlesborough 2-1 Bolton

Portsmouth 1-1 Hull City

Stoke City 2-1 West Brom

Aston Villa 1-3 Man. U.

Tottenham 2-0 Blackburn

Sunderland 2-2 West Ham

Wigan 2-2 Everton

whats your predictions?

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