Premier League: Arsenal

Arsenal up in tatters?

Whats up with Arsenal?They lost 3-0 against Manchester city, last week they lost 2-0 against Aston Villa, three weeks ago they lost 2-1 against Stoke. (however, in between these weeks they beet Manchester united 2-1).

William Gallas was stripped of his captaincy and Darren Bent announced that during their 4-4 tie there was a lot of arguing and tension between the Arsenal players.

Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, and Gallas need some serious patching up to do, fast.

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One Comment on “Premier League: Arsenal”

  1. It comes down to the stubborness of one Arsene Wenger and his lack of purchasing proven premier league and world stars. He has built the core of his team around a bunch of heartless kids. He has no John Terry’s, No Wayne Rooney’s, No Steven Gerrard’s, and those type of players that would die for the shirt.

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