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Premierleague: Who will win the League?

April 3, 2009

Chelsea are deffinately out of the race ever since they lost to Tottenham. Liverpool are in exceptionall form and manchester… are not.

who will win?


Premier League: Liverpool

November 24, 2008

Liverpool’s Yossi Benayoun appears to be unhappy at his current role at Liverpool. Last year he received mixed review. He scored a total of 11 goals. In those he had a pair of hat tricks in the champions league tournament. He had a great positive influence for Liverpool, most notably when he made and set up Torres’ equalizer at Stamford Bridge.

I always thought of Yossi Benayoun as Liverpool’s second best and second most influential midfielder, after Gerrard. There were some games were he had little to do, however in some games he looked like the most confident and solid play maker in the premier league.

He is threatening to leave Liverpool if he continues to stay on the bench even though Rafa Benitez has stated to the press that he wants Yossi to stay.