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Premierleague: Who will win the League?

April 3, 2009

Chelsea are deffinately out of the race ever since they lost to Tottenham. Liverpool are in exceptionall form and manchester… are not.

who will win?


Premier League: Chelsea

November 28, 2008


_There have been rumors that Inter are keen to buy Didier Drogba. Chelsea have made it clear that they want 40 million Euros (Over priced much???) and Inter still want to buy him. It is rumored that Inter will give Chelsea 40 mil euros. Inter are rumored to be ok with that price and are planning to sell the unhappy Adriano, Hernan Crespo, and Mario Balotelli (who is also reportedly unhappy at Inter). Adriano and Balotelli are both Chelsea targets.

Good or bad for Chelsea?

Well I personally feel that: 1. Didier Drogba is too old and past his prime.

2. it would be retarded to buy him for 40 million euros

3. it would be retarded to NOT to sell him if someone wanted him for 40 million euros.

4. Adriano is better and younger

5. Mario Balotelli is a very promising prospect.

So yes i think it would be good for Chelsea if this whole deal went down. If Chelsea could get Balotelli and Adriano that would be excellent. Chelsea need at least another striker especially if they are to sell Drogba. Their only other option is Nicolas Anleka. Anelka, don’t get me wrong, is in excellent form…. but he is 29 and reaching his peak. You can not count on more than two solid years on him. Chelsea’s only other real option at the moment is the 19 year old Franco Di Santo who is just not ready yet. Adriano, in my opinion, would be a perfect replacement and might even work well with anelka. It would just bring Chelsea more options. Balotelli would be an excellent bonus, and i think he would become a legend in premier league if he was only given the opportunity.

whats your oppinion?

Uefa Cup: Milan vs. Portsmouth

November 27, 2008

Portsmouth took a 2-0 lead through goals from Kanu and kaboul. Milan came back with a 84th minute Ronaldinho free kick and then a goal from Inzaghi in added minutes allowed Milan to end the game with a tie.

Champions League: Chelsea

November 27, 2008


Dider Drogba

Dider Drogba

That was one of the most depressing displays I have seen from Chelsea since Avram Grant was in charge. Also what is the deal with Drogba? Why does he suck so bad? and if he sucks so bad then why did Scolari put him in the game instead of the inform Anelka who got on the score board?

Scolari stated after the game that he is very disappointing with the result and that if Chelsea do not qualify for the Champions league (make it past the group stages) he will go back to Brazil.


Premier League: Chelsea

November 26, 2008
Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole

There have been recent reports that Manchester City are preparing a mega 60 mil euro swoop for John Terry. Now it has been stated that there are rumors that City are preparing a big deal to take Ashely Cole away from Chelsea.

Are City trying to buy Chelsea?

should Chelsea be worried?

Me myself am no too worried about man city buying John Terry, he seems to have values and morals. Now Ashely Cole on the other hand is known to flow to where ever the money is at. He has no sense of belonging or commitment. I love the way ashley plays, he is a great left back. But i am worried City will take him from Chelsea and this will harm his career (in my opinion.)

Premier League: Manchester United

November 26, 2008
Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson has publicly stated that he will quit his managerial role if Cristiano Ronaldo does not win the Balon d’ or. This either means that fergie is so confident that ronaldo will win or he is looking for excuses to quit.

Is it more than a competition of one player’s reputation and fame?

should man u fans be worried?

Premier League:Manchester United

November 20, 2008

Who should Man U start with?

Rooney and Tevez?

Rooney and Berbatov?

Berbatov and Tevez?

Cristiano Still best player in the world? (was he ever?)